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Preparing for Major Change

13 March

In a down economy I see many organizations kick off major change initiatives without being prepared for how difficult it is to accomplish. Major change is a complex undertaking and there is no specific formula that applies in all situations but what I find consistent across many of my clients is that for fundamental change […]

Certification is not a guarantee your project will succeed. Project manager intangibles are critical success factors.

13 January

You are armed with your PMP certification and you can plan, organize and direct strategic initiatives to meet organizational goals but to be successful there are intangibles that a PM needs to lead their teams across the goal line. After being called in to rescue and turnaround various projects, I have found that while a […]

Project management and organizational culture; getting everyone on the same page

13 January

While an organization’s culture can provide a solid foundation for its success, it can also inadvertently put up unnecessary roadblocks when it comes to managing and implementing projects. This article examines lack of communication at the beginning of a project as one of the more common culture-based roadblocks and how project management professionals can address […]

Imagine I Can Dream Can’t I

13 August

Good morning Mr. Getzit, I appreciate the opportunity to interview for this position. Hi Larry glad you could come in. Please have a seat and let me give you a little background on our company and the position you are interviewing for. Ahead-of-the-Rest was founded about nine years ago by our CEO Anticipate Betterway. She […]