Tools, Templates and other useful items to help your Project Planning efforts.

Project Team Blending

17 October

Teams are central to project management. Project teams are comprised of members from various parts of an organization; some of which may be working together for the first time. Part of the project managers role is to create an environment for success. This project team blending tool will illustrate actions to develop and maintain a […]

Drafting Your Perfect Project Team

10 October

It is that time of year when our attention turns back to football. College and pros are back in full-force, and competing for our attention seemingly all week long, it is also the time when people begin to think how the teams will do based upon the talent they acquired in the off season, either […]

When is the appropriate time to escalate an issue?

26 September

Escalations are a healthy and essential part of business. As a project manager you hold folks at all levels accountable to meet the commitments they’ve made by the date provided. It’s also your job to remove constraints and resolve problems that will surface on every project and potentially harm them. This job is a confrontational discipline, what are some critical clues to be […]

Project Management Process Assessment

19 September

Does Executive Management clearly state the organization’s project priorities so people know what to work on and what’s important? Are the resources required to complete the project within established time lines formally committed to by management? How often are projects in your organization completed on time? This project management process assessment will help you see […]

What is the biggest challenge you face as a project manager or project team member in your organization?

29 August

Part of the challenge of being a project manager or team member is the expectation placed upon you to get work done, and done successfully. In many cases this work is often on top of your regular day-to-day activities, it is challenging and often stressful, and usually, does not go as smoothly as predicted or […]

Running Productive Meetings

22 August

Sound Familiar? “I don’t know why we had this meeting. Nothing was agreed to” “This meeting should have taken an hour, but lasted for three” Meeting management tends to be a set of skills often overlooked in organizations. Meetings are very expensive activities considering the cost of labor and how much does or does not […]

What would you do if…?

15 August

My wife is in the process of reading a business book for work, and we often chat about interesting ideas or insights she picks up as she moves through the chapters. The book sets up similar to others, providing some background on the author, her work experience and how the book came to be written. […]