Tools, Templates and other useful items to help your Project Planning efforts.

Communication Plan Sample

14 February

Communication is a key factor in a project’s success. Failures in projects usually occur, in some way, due to a lack of communication or the inability to communicate properly.   It’s important too not only communicate throughout a project’s life cycle but knowing what needs to be communicated and to who is equally important. How do […]

Project Communications: More Is Not Necessarily Better, Sometimes It’s Just More

13 February

One of the phrases you often hear bantered about is “communication is the key to success” and when failures occur in a project (or a business), it was in some way due to a “lack of communication” or a “failure to communicate properly” across the business units, departments, entities, and individual participants involved. Then to […]

Project Request Form

19 December

Without proper documentation projects can easily fall off track. It’s important to make sure all of the information needed for a particular project is kept in one consistent place.  Keeping all of a project’s pertinent information in a form is a great way to double check the process and to make sure all of the necessary […]

One of the leading causes of projects not meeting their objectives is the failure to fully and completely define the project requirements.

27 November

One of the leading causes of failing to define project requirements is not understanding the full range of stakeholders that have an interest in your project. Is it possible to adequately define project requirements without first identifying who the project’s stakeholders are? Tell us – What Do You Think?

Business Case Definitions

21 November

Businesses tend use their own set of terms. Familiarizing yourself with these terms will help you actually understand what your bosses are talking about in the next Financial Meeting. A business case should focus primarily on the key parameters that will assist in driving the investment decision and provide information for initial planning and estimating so that […]