Companies we’ve worked with

  • U.S. Postal Service
  • Allstate
  • General Motors Bank and Customer Service Call Centers
  • MetLife Bank
  • American Express Bank
  • American Express Brokerage
  • Goldman Sachs Private Clients
  • United HealthCare
  • Great West Life Insurance
  • AIG
  • Comcast
  • ValueOptions
  • XL Health/Care Improvement Plus
  • BCBSM (Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Michigan)
  • BCBSMN (Minnesota)
  • ABCBS (Arkansas)
  • Medco
  • Network Health Insurance
  • Partners RX
  • OncoMed
  • AllOne Health Management Solutions
  • Greater Valley Technology Alliance/Regional Innovation Collaborative
  • VNS Choice
  • Northern Plains Alliance/ClearStone Solutions
  • Kipany Productions
  • MEDecision

What they’re saying

“Larry has the executive leadership and proven ability to guide organizations through critical projects and initiatives. He has dealt with all levels of the organization and focused on getting people to get the results. He has managed organizations through change, growth and customer support programs. I continue to use Larry as a resource for advice and direction.” ~ Principal, Activo Partners, Joseph Giordano

Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity
“I have personally known Larry for more than 9 years and feel blessed that our paths crossed. Larry has assisted me with projects at both Maines Paper & Food Service and at Retailer Owned Research Company. Let me start by simply saying that Larry gets the job done. Period! He helped my team at Maines build and manage a plan to install a warehouse management software solution in nine distribution centers in twenty months without incident. For anyone who has ever installed software in a food distribution center, twenty months for one or two facilities is pretty good – nine is off the charts. In addition, while overseeing that project, he mentored several staff members in the discipline of project management. After joining Retailer Owned Research Company, I hired Larry to work with my staff to understand the importance of project management, craft a software development methodology that worked for the organization, and work with the company’s member-owners to develop a plan for re-engineering the company’s suite of products. Subsequently, Larry has been asked to provide additional education to new hires and has acted as an ongoing mentor to them. They cannot say enough about how he helped them understand the importance and role of project management in the success of any endeavor they undertake – primarily the ability to prioritize and focus their efforts given a finite set of resource or a time constraint. Larry has a warm and engaging personality that can readily get a group of people to act as a cohesive team focused on accomplishing a common goal. He is firm but fair, and can work with anyone at any level within an organization. If you have a project and want to know what it will take to complete it, ask Larry! If you want to see it completed, hire Larry!” ~ Joe Jurich

“MLP Consultants is a valued member of the team and provided deliverables of the highest quality that were deeper, more thoughtful and more enhanced than expected.” ~Chief Innovation Officer – in the Healthcare Industry

“Without their professional project leadership and detailed questions of every aspect of our processes…we would not have been able to keep our project on tracks, to meet deadlines, and to exceed executive expectations.” ~ Sr. Director of Clinical Operations – in the Healthcare Industry

“My company, which develops software, recently went through a reorganization as a result of poor project execution and consistently late deliverables. As one of the product managers, I was both cautious and elated that the new CEO was bringing in a project management consultant. The team also reflected these emotions and had the ‘let’s see if this guy can bring order to the chaos’. When Larry Puleo from MLP Consultants first arrived we went through a week long presentation that was customized for our team and type of projects. Much of the presentation could be applied to any type of project, but it was the explanations of how this information applied to our projects that really helped the members on the team. Larry also worked with me one-on-one to develop a set of project templates that were highly customized for our business processes. After the on-site training, Larry continued to work with me to refine the project management process and helped me to guide the team through the first couple of projects. The results were outstanding. We have started delivering software on time with the required features. Our stakeholders are happy and the team members actually enjoy working on project cycles that work. Larry helped us to ‘bring order to our chaos’.” ~Dwayne Shaw, RORC – Product Manager

“Larry approaches leadership mentoring and coaching with an obvious concern for the individual. He worked with me, and provided me with many insights into the qualities and the strengths needed to be a successful Project Manager.” “Larry has proved to be an invaluable resource in enabling me to get my career to the next level. His structured methodology, pragmatic approach and practical advice benefited me enormously.” “Larry provided clear and practical advice that was invaluable. A good communicator with a strong and clear vision of the business world, Larry is the person to go to when you need advice about tools and processes in today’s corporate arena.” ~Michael Trama, Glaxo-Smith Kline – Project Manager

“Larry Puleo and I first crossed paths back in 1999 when Larry was called to lead a Managed Care software system upgrade project. I was a health systems analyst working for Blue Cross of North Eastern Pennsylvania at the time and had the pleasure of being selected as a technical specialist on the project. Prior to Larry’s involvement the team was comprised of mainly IT folks with no dedicated involvement from the operational support areas as well as executive sponsorship. The project was destined for failure and an unfortunate discovery was made which had the team slipping directly into panic mode. Y2K fixes were dependent on the completion of the software upgrade and we had less than three months to get it done. It was a Monday morning, morale was down, willingness to jump ship was evident, fear of failure was written on all our faces, and in walks this guy with a NY accent and a NY attitude. Within minutes calmness came about the room as Larry began to assess each participant’s role, redefine those roles, align communication channels, established team rules, and set individual and team goals. Within 24 hours the project was moving forward appropriately monitored, staffed, sponsored, empowered, and motivated. Within a week the project was completely back on track and the final product was migrated to production ahead of schedule giving the Y2K team the ability to begin their tasks ahead of schedule. Six years later Larry and I again crossed paths as Larry was called to TMG Health to manage a few client implementations as well as assist in developing of a project management office within the corporation. I had been working with TMG for over three years at the time and had many implementations under my belt as I grew to be the company’s Director of Health Plans Systems. In the time-line that Larry became involved with TMG, TMG was becoming one of the fastest growing companies in North Eastern Pennsylvania providing outsourcing services in the Medicare and Medicaid healthcare arena. Client implementation was a key component to the growing success of the company so I was not concerned when I had heard that Larry was going to lead the charge in bringing a few clients live for 2006. Hair a little grayer but the same can do attitude walked into my office one spring morning as Larry began to assess the implementation timelines for configuration, testing, and deployment. Dependency charts grew out of those timelines and within a matter of days successful implementations were underway appropriately staffed, equipped, motivated, and with no doubt strong leadership. As for the project management office, it is up and running with skilled project managers and has become an integral part to the continued success of the Company.” ~Paul A. Leahy Jr., TMG Health – Project Manager

“Thanks to Larry’s coaching I have learned some of the finer points of Project Management. He took me beyond the standard Excel spread sheet of task lists. With his coaching I learned how to ask the right ‘Why’ and ‘Please Explain’ question that helped document the requirements necessary to solve the real problem. He instructed me on how to hold people to task and manage scope creep. Larry walked me through meeting agendas and notes as well as program specification and user sign off.” ~Jason Torchia, Maines Paper & Food Services – Business Systems Analyst

“I’ve known Larry my entire life and the first opportunity I had to work with him was on an HR implementation for NatWest Bank USA, several years ago. Larry was utilizing concepts and skills then, before they became PM industry standards. I was immediately impressed with Larry’s ability to structure, manage, and steer the project to its successful conclusion. The project management skills that Larry displayed were often emulated in other implementations, providing long term benefits to the organization. I believe Larry’s greatest strength is exhibited through his mentoring skills. Larry has a true knack for bridging the gap between a project management concept and its relation and application in the ‘real’ world. Larry’s approach to project management will help to shorten the learning curve and provide rapid and successful results. Larry coaches to all levels of PM experience, resulting in a higher level of efficiency and skill for more experienced PM’s and reinforcement and practical application for newly trained PM’s. Larry is an asset to any organization looking to integrate proven, standardized methods for managing projects. I know that I certainly feel more confident in running successful projects knowing that he is a phone call away.” ~Matt Dienna, MedPlus Inc. – Project Manager

“I have had the fortunate opportunity to work with Larry over the last 10+ years. Over the years he has been both a mentor and a great friend to me. He has provided me with solid leadership and has guided me through the trials and tribulations of becoming a project manager. Larry always has a practical solution to assist me with any roadblocks I may be facing. Recently, I recommended Larry to provide Project Management support to the company I currently work for. Larry implemented a PMO model within our organization which helped to create awareness of the importance of Project Management across all areas of the organization and has also helped to reduce our implementation timelines by at least six weeks. Larry has always approached co-workers and clients with a no-nonsense approach to business. Through that approach, Larry has gained the respect of all levels of the corporate world, everyone from team members to CEOs. I would recommend Larry to work with any person or business to gain from his knowledge and experience.” ~Renee Yenchik, TMG Health – Project Manager

“Personally, I have benefited from the work provided by MLP Consultants, LLC both in terms of my own maturity levels of my career and in the hiring/grooming of my PMO staff. The wealth of knowledge and extraordinary soft skills of the MLP staff was present at every point of contact and was a necessity in our company’s decision making to employing MLP Consultants, LLC specifically in that of the work of Larry Puleo.” ~Jeff Hillman, Cenlar FSB – Director PMO

“I worked as a Jr. Project Manager under Larry Puleo’s mentorship for 2 years. With Larry’s direction, Larry and I successfully, and simultaneously, managed nine project teams in the installation of warehousing systems into nine distribution centers across the U.S. Quite an extensive project for such a short amount of time! Not only did I gain a vast variety of PM experiences from Larry during this process, he also showed me the importance of having good people skills when managing projects; an asset that comes so naturally to Larry. Larry’s professionalism, sound advice, great attitude, and keen insight are traits that I won’t soon forget! It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with him!” ~Paula J. Caroway, Fidelity Human Resource Services – Systems Analyst

“MLP Consultants was responsible for establishing and providing oversight for a divisional portfolio project management process and provided leadership for the implementation of various strategic programs and projects.” ~Chief Financial Officer & Treasure – in the Healthcare Industry

“Larry Puleo served as an excellent facilitator for a project I’d initiated concerning the “new” role for the Human Resources Department, moving from tactical to strategic. He helped the participants, which included the entire HR departments of three hospitals, fully understand the change the function had undergone, and how they could best adapt to the new milieu. He also provided valuable tools to help the participants determine the best method by which they could “fit”. He handled a potentially contentious program in a manner that had the participants energized to develop their new skills. I would highly recommend him for any project, regardless of the content. ” ~Glenn Courounis, Lenox Hill Hospital
Vice President – Human Resources