How To: Running Productive Meetings

21 February

Sound Familiar?

  • ‘I don’t know why we had this meeting. Nothing was agreed to’
  • ‘This meeting should have taken an hour, but lasted for three’
  • ‘We meet for an hour every week. It’s quite unnecessary’
  • ‘We went all round the house before coming to the main point
  • ‘The Chairman did not control the meeting, we only covered half the agenda’
  • ‘I called the meeting for 2.00, but several people turned up late and the meeting didn’t start until 2:20’
  • ‘We talked about the same issues that were talked about at our last meeting and nothing has been resolved’.

With this how to guide, you’ll have a step by step walk through to running productive meetings. Fill out the form below, and download this guide today!

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