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If you were given the opportunity, what would you say?

27 February

We have all been involved on projects or initiatives, where the communication of information worked very well (or maybe not so much). If you were given an opportunity to provide a critique or feedback of one thing that worked well, and one thing that didn’t and that you would definitely want to change, what would […]

One of the leading causes of projects not meeting their objectives is the failure to fully and completely define the project requirements.

27 November

One of the leading causes of failing to define project requirements is not understanding the full range of stakeholders that have an interest in your project. Is it possible to adequately define project requirements without first identifying who the project’s stakeholders are? Tell us – What Do You Think?

When is the appropriate time to escalate an issue?

26 September

Escalations are a healthy and essential part of business. As a project manager you hold folks at all levels accountable to meet the commitments they’ve made by the date provided. It’s also your job to remove constraints and resolve problems that will surface on every project and potentially harm them. This job is a confrontational discipline, what are some critical clues to be […]

What is the biggest challenge you face as a project manager or project team member in your organization?

29 August

Part of the challenge of being a project manager or team member is the expectation placed upon you to get work done, and done successfully. In many cases this work is often on top of your regular day-to-day activities, it is challenging and often stressful, and usually, does not go as smoothly as predicted or […]