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Business Case Definitions

21 November

Businesses tend use their own set of terms. Familiarizing yourself with these terms will help you actually understand what your bosses are talking about in the next Financial Meeting. A business case should focus primarily on the key parameters that will assist in driving the investment decision and provide information for initial planning and estimating so that […]

Project Management Process Assessment

19 September

Does Executive Management clearly state the organization’s project priorities so people know what to work on and what’s important? Are the resources required to complete the project within established time lines formally committed to by management? How often are projects in your organization completed on time? This project management process assessment will help you see […]

Twelve Step Project Management

18 July

Step 1: Obtain Top Management Support, Keep them Engaged, Establish a Budget and Project Metrics Step 2: Select a Competent Project Manager Step 3: Select a Competent Project Team Members, Establish Project Metrics and Performance Management Process Step 4: Clearly Define Project Scope and Objectives and Business Requirements This 12 step worksheet will show you […]