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How did we get here? Lack of discipline, oversight and accountability are root causes.

13 June

At a recent networking event the question ‘How did we get here?’ was raised by some folks dealing with organizational change initiatives to improve performance. I chimed in that from a project management perspective most companies place a higher priority on strategy planning than on strategy execution and never realize the benefits that most projects […]

What Makes a Project Management Office (PMO) Effective?

13 April

According to Webster’s Dictionary effective means producing a desired result. Based on my experience and observations across corporate landscapes there is one major desired result that a project management office (PMO) must achieve to be effective and that is to get the top of the house to establish a business strategy that addresses the multi […]

Certification is not a guarantee your project will succeed. Project manager intangibles are critical success factors.

13 January

You are armed with your PMP certification and you can plan, organize and direct strategic initiatives to meet organizational goals but to be successful there are intangibles that a PM needs to lead their teams across the goal line. After being called in to rescue and turnaround various projects, I have found that while a […]

Project management and organizational culture; getting everyone on the same page

13 January

While an organization’s culture can provide a solid foundation for its success, it can also inadvertently put up unnecessary roadblocks when it comes to managing and implementing projects. This article examines lack of communication at the beginning of a project as one of the more common culture-based roadblocks and how project management professionals can address […]

Lack of clear priorities causes prioritization at the desktop

13 September

The largest investment for any company is their investment in people and most organizations do not have a well of resources that they can draw upon for new projects. As organizations continue to get squeezed by budget cuts and increased demand to implement strategic change they must look for better and more informed ways to […]

Business Process Improvement – an invisible opportunity to reduce costs

13 March

They are lurking within the walls of all organizations, functioning everyday with no one managing them. No one is looking to see if there are better ways of performing them to reduce costs and become more efficient. No one manages them because no one sees them, but they are there, eating away at profits. The […]