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User Acceptance Testing Managing the Testing Phase

13 December

Testing is essential in any web based software application project. As a project manager you must create the opportunity to educate and make people aware of what’s involved in testing and what impacts testing timelines before the project enters the often-chaotic test execution periods, in which everyone can become so oriented toward the smallest details […]

Mentoring tips for Project Managers Building future leaders

13 April

A project management mentor is the influential person who supports the development of the protégé’s personal and professional maturity. Effectiveness comes through a mentor’s capacity to provide relevant information and inspiration in a manner that can be immediately understood and easily leveraged by the protégé. The following are some tips for mentors to keep in […]

Demonstrate PM competency then address PM maturity

13 November

Recently a project manager mentee asked; ‘What should you do to improve an organization’s level of project management maturity when you are engaged by a new client to manage a project?’ The first thing I said was demonstrate project management competency then address project management maturity. Most organizations that engage my services are at a […]

Consider Organizational Project Management Maturity when Implementing Portfolio Project Management (PPM)

13 August

Organizations that outperform do so because of strong execution of and focus on strategic projects.  Accordingly many organizations are turning to portfolio project management (PPM) as the way to address the multi-project and resource conflict that exists in most organizations to improve execution and focus. However a step that is usually missed when putting a […]

Estimating Project Duration

13 July

Projects are risk magnets. Why is that? It’s because projects undertaken by organizations typically have not been done by that organization and the stakeholders involved do not know the right questions to ask to avoid the risks especially when it comes to estimating project duration. When my clients or colleagues invariably ask, “How long do […]