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If you were given the opportunity, what would you say?

27 February

We have all been involved on projects or initiatives, where the communication of information worked very well (or maybe not so much). If you were given an opportunity to provide a critique or feedback of one thing that worked well, and one thing that didn’t and that you would definitely want to change, what would […]

Project Communications: More Is Not Necessarily Better, Sometimes It’s Just More

13 February

One of the phrases you often hear bantered about is “communication is the key to success” and when failures occur in a project (or a business), it was in some way due to a “lack of communication” or a “failure to communicate properly” across the business units, departments, entities, and individual participants involved. Then to […]

The Project Manager (and Project Team) Holiday Wish List

12 December

It is that time of year when our attention turns to thinking about the upcoming holiday – the decorations, the holiday celebrations, parties and food, the gifts for family, friends, business associates and our staffs. What to give though is always a difficult question. Many of us struggle to find that perfect gift, personalized and […]

Project Management Process Assessment

19 September

Does Executive Management clearly state the organization’s project priorities so people know what to work on and what’s important? Are the resources required to complete the project within established time lines formally committed to by management? How often are projects in your organization completed on time? This project management process assessment will help you see […]

What is the biggest challenge you face as a project manager or project team member in your organization?

29 August

Part of the challenge of being a project manager or team member is the expectation placed upon you to get work done, and done successfully. In many cases this work is often on top of your regular day-to-day activities, it is challenging and often stressful, and usually, does not go as smoothly as predicted or […]